A history of art is a chronicle of both relationships and artworks—here presented together in a collection of photographs. I intend these prints to be shown in sequences in which one artist’s work refers to another artist who then refers to another and so on, thereby describing a network of connections.

Click in the following sequences to see large images, titles, a guide, and a list of institutions that have accessioned sets of these photographs:

Man Ray – Charlotte Moorman
Marcel Duchamp – Yves Tanguy
Man Ray – Barbara Morgan
Kurt Schwitters – Alberto Giacometti
Jasper Johns – Jean Tinguely
Red Grooms – Don Celender

My interest in photographing artworks in which one artist refers to another became an ongoing project when I noticed that the art I loved and had been photographing in museums and galleries was often about relationships and connections among artists. Such artworks are not common, especially ones that can be photographed well. On a typical visit to a museum I may find one or two potential subjects but often find none.

Visualizing connections among artists has been a fascinating pursuit. I think of each connection as part of an alternate history of art—built on relationships and reference rather than on chronology and influence. This is for me a photographic romance with art and artists, so it is essential that my prints are as beautiful and engaging as I can make them.

The above sequences are comprised of photographs selected from a larger collection of images, Click to see the full set of 70 photographs with additional information and brief texts.