These pieces were inspired by the elegant works of Kenneth Noland, Morris Louis, Ellsworth Kelly and Frank Stella — the art that Clement Greenberg called Post-painterly Abstraction. I found these artists’ paintings bold, daring and (best of all) contrary. My photographs of mundane commercial products spilled onto plates or trays made the subject receed into irrelevance so that the form of the image could predominate. Making Polaroids was a way to present quickly crafted notes about visual ideas in progress rather than consumate works (although the large V-8 and Contac pieces, at the size of paintings, were intended as something more grand). The direct, descriptive titles were chosen to make it clear that, while these are painterly abstractions, they are also straight-forward photographs.
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The Post-painterly Polaroid prints are made with trimmed and mounted 3-1/4”×4-1/4” #669 "peel-apart" Polaroid material.