What does art look like? One could attempt to answer this question by showing a collection of images of acknowledged works of art. But such a answer, by which art is asked to define itself, is a classic example of circular reasoning. Perhaps it's an unfair question since the look of an artwork can be infinitely various, yet we know how to distinguish a work of art from the daily fol-de-rol of ordinary stuff. This project attempts an entirely visual answer, communicating about the appearance of art without depicting any actual artworks, reflecting my own experience as a viewer of art and as a photographer.

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My color photographs from 1976–1981 are prologue to my current work. In 1976, after several years of photographing in the studio, I wanted to see how my art-inspired vision could apply to conventional photographic practice. Although I didn't think of it this way at the time, I sought out subjects that I could photograph as if artworks.

All photographs on this page are 18"×24" digital pigment prints.