Nikon 20mm Lens Bose P.A. Speakers AKG C1000 Microphones Alesis Drum Machine 3Com 10mbps Hub
Boss Foot Switches Behringer B-2 Microphone Bose 502 Controller Boss OD-3 Overdrive Pedal Boca Turbo Combo 1X2
Martin Backpacker Guitar Warhammer Dreadnought 90mm AngulonLens Crown CM700 Microphone Zadilla snake
Record 77 Butt-nose Plane Boss TU-2 Tuner Pedal Larrivee Rosewood OM Guitar Doall Fractional Gage Blocks Clifton Plane Blades
Nikon SB17 Flash Crown GLM-200e Microphone Nikon F3HP Camera Body Boss FA-1 FET Preamp Behringer EC1000 Microphone
Precision Gage Blocks Rodenstock Enlarging lens Pearl Earrings and Pin Edirol MA-10 Speakers Sony MDR500 Headphones
Custom Stereo Volume Pedal Graflok Back for Graflex XL Magazine with Photo by Rudy Giuliani of the World Trade Center Gold and Turquoise Necklace Elixir Guitar Strings
IBM SCSI Hard Drives Epson Inks Adaptec PCMCIA Combo Card Firewire and USB-2 Ports Holiday Beanie Babies Hitachi Transistor Radio
Media Street Inks Kingston PCI Ethernet Card Horseman 6x9cm Back Røde NT1000 Microphone Joe Mills Guitar Microphone
Kodak Retouching Colors Echo Layla PCMCIA Card Lexicon MPX100 Reverb Record Shoulder Plane Landspeeder
Lumicon Telescope Diagonal Mesa Boogie Guitar Amp Marian Anderson Songbook Lexicon Foot Pedal Mackie Mixer
Alesis Nanocomp Boss GE-7 Equalizer Pedal Behringer MIC100 Preamp Olympus 35RD Camera MFJ-1025 Noise Cancelling Signal Enhancer
Magnetic Longwire Balun Mitutoyo Dial Gage 2x64mb Laptop Memory Pearl Necklace Netgear 10/100mbps Hub
Line 6 Pod Guitar Effects Box Fishman Pocket Blender QSC PLS1602 Power Amplifier Toshiba PDR-M1 Digital Camera AKG K-55 Headphones
Leitz Pradolux Slide Projector FMR RNC1773 Compressor Lightning Arrestor Adobe Postscript Cartridge 128mb RDRAM
Record 151A Spokeshave Palm Zire 71 Ricoh GR-1 Camera Canon SD500 Digital Camera Sennheiser Transmitter for EW100 Wireless Guitar System
Sennheiser 421 Microphone Behringer Shark DSP110 USB Active Extension Cable Nikon 35-135mm Zoom Lens Clifton 5/8" Shoulder Plane
Nikon DW-4 Right-angle Viewfinder Stanley 79 Plane Stanley 80 Scraper Stanley 81 Scraper Stanley 95 Plane
Starrett Precision Level Tektronix Dye-sublimation Printer Røde Microphone Shockmount Tektronix Transfer Roll Holder Kodak Tri-X Professional

Sony WM-6DC Walkman Professional

Harmony Baritone Ukulele

Starrett Dial Gage

Celestron Sky Sensor

Sony AN-1 Antenna