In 1976, after several years of photographing in the studio, I resumed carrying a 35mm camera as I had done a decade earlier when photographing in black-and-white (1967–72). Since then I had worked through some ideas about attitude, color and art in my Post-painterly Polaroids (1974–76), Treasure Tones (1975), and Sweetstuff Candy Polaroids (1978). I wanted to see what I had learned from several years of working in the studio that I might apply to photographs made out in the world. I learned that I could make photographs of found subjects that offered me a similar experience to that of encountering an artwork. I now think of these color photographs as prologue to my current project, Things That Look Like Art.

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Ishi Bar, San Francisco Airport, 1977

Junk Store, Los Angeles, 1977

Snakes, 4th of July, Venice, 1979

Schwab's Lunch Counter, Hollywood, 1978
In front of the Hollywood LAPD, 1979
Los Angeles County Fair, Pomona, 1979

Festival of the Chariots, Venice, 1977
Mt. Olympus, Hollywood, 1976
Caesar, Moses, The Thinker, LA, 1976

The Body Shop, Hollywood, 1980
Total Lust, Hollywood, 1978
Shooting Stage, Hollywood, 1978

816 Crescent Heights Blvd, Los Angeles, 1980
Natural History Museum, Los Angeles, 1977
Southeast Oregon, 1979

Dangerous Sculptures, Northridge CA, 1979
SN Ward Mobil Service, Pasadena, 1978

Chained Bicycle, Venice, 1980

Pink Transfer, Hollywood, 1978
Polaroid Momentos, 29 Palms CA, 1977
Cinerama Theater, Hollywood, 1976

Valley Drug, Studio City CA, 1977
Cosmopolitan Bookstore, LA, 1979
Rudolph Rx, Los Angeles, 1977
All photographs on this page are 11"×14" Cibachrome prints enlarged from 35mm Kodachrome transparencies.